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Who we Are

”For every tree, there is a fruit and the fruit of the heart is the child.”


“In neighborhoods without a usable park or playground, the incidence of childhood obesity increases by 29 % percent.”


”Your body has rights over you.”


It’s smart to be curious about us

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jungle Gymsters is a new high-end, trendsetting kids fitness environment.

Our gym provides families and their children with a safe, organized, and clean fitness center where children can learn, exercise, and have fun at the same time.

Not only that, Jungle Gymsters offers parents a variety of activities to do with their children, as well as activities for adults.

How we make a difference?

We ensure that every child is promoted and shown the best version of him through fitness activities Such as non-competitive gymnastics, hip-hop dance, kids dance classes, gymnastics for kids, special needs schools in dubai, fitness classes, karate and many more.

Our Mission

(We are responsible of you, your child and your whole family are priorities to us).

We’re here to leave a positive, lasting lifelong impression in your life in general and the lives of your children in particular, where children and young people here spend their youth years growing and learning until they feel that they have found the desired path, announcing their willingness to go out into the outside world and determine what success means to them aiming to achieve it and make it theirs.

We’re here to empower a healthier generation by bridging children, young adults, parents, relatives, caregivers to a positive, long and happy life.

Our Vision

(The future of your child and all your family members including you).

To become a second home for every child and every family and to be the most influential leader when it comes to practicing and living a healthy, disease-free life experience and making this experience eternal.




Ms. Shuaa is an experienced single mother who raises her son while playing both roles a mother and a father at the same time, which will drive the business towards a greater understanding about parenting, nutrition and children’s health. Shuaa holds a dual master’s degree in health services administration and public health. she completed her undergraduate education in the USA in Florida, licensed by the ministry of health as a health specialist and administrator, she has a depth knowledge when it comes to family’s overall health and business administration. Shuaa has many courses in raising positive children and creating a healthy generation from all mental and physical illnesses. in addition, her family has a long history in the field of entrepreneurship as she acquired this trait and inherited it from them and wanted to have her own business, especially since she has enough experience to manage her own projects.

Fav. Athletes: Shaquille O’Neal
Fav. Food: Grilled Food and Arabic Cold/Hot Mezze
Alias: ShuShu


Supervisor/Fitness Coach

Mr. Jan who holds a bachelor of physical education. he has been in children’s industry and fitness business for 12 years. he is one of our gymnastics coaches and baby developmental coaches. his fun energy is contagious to all. you can find him teaching classes, playing and dancing in fit n play!

Fav. Athlete: Kobe Bryant
Fav. Food: Ramen
Alias: Mr. Jan a.k.a Or Mr. Child whisperer


Karate/Fitness Coach

A certified karate instructor under the japan karate association (JKA). he has experience of more than 20 years, he has achieved a 3rd dan international black belt and a license as an examiner and judge. he is passionate about practicing karate as a way of life and this is one of the things he wants to impart to his students. he makes learning fun, engaging, and memorable!

Fav. Athletes: Kazuaki Kurihara(JKA World Champion)
Fav. Food: Arabic Shawarma
Alias: Mufasa


Dance/ Fitness Coach

He is a dynamic, result oriented and a professional sports, events and fitness instructor. Denie is armed with solid communication and interpersonal skills. incorporating elements of technique, performance, and choreography in his educational approach.

Fav. Athletes: Carlos H. Yulo
Fav. Food: Sizzling Foods


Dance/ Fitness Assistant Coach

She is our dancing queen and mentor for little and younger dancers, Ms. Prima can choreograph unique routines and teach you the latest dance steps.

Fav. Athletes: Michael Jordan
Fav. Food: spaghetti
Alias: Ms. Prima or Ms. Love


Events Coordinator/Receptioinist

He is our front gymsters receptionist and events specialist. Nino is creating a level of excitement, giving an informative and professional experience.

Fav. Athletes: Hidilyn Diaz
Fav. Food: Chicken Cordon Bleu,Seafood Marinara
Alias: Mr Nino/ Bebzy Nino



She is our Ms. smiley info, you can see her in front desk. she can tell you the trivia of JG, a talkative and dote on children.

Fav. Athletes: Cristiano Ronaldo
Fav. Food: Italian and Japanese Food
Alias: Ms. Maui


Fit N Play Expert/Playmate

She is our fit n play expert, fun and active game plan is always with her. Ms. Rhudie love to share her kindness and support the children on their daily fit and playing activities.

Fav. Athletes: LeBron James
Fav. Food: pizza, seafoods
Alias: Miss R/ ms. Ro


Fit N Play Expert/Playmate

She is your musical playmate, she loves playing guitar and arts too! expert in a unique program and activities in any age group.

Fav. Athletes: Manny Pacquiao
Fav. Food: pasta, bread
Alias: Miss Eva



She is our lady-in-all-work, provide us a cleaned and hygienic JG house. Ms. Kauser is a happy and helpful person with a big heart and loyalty.

Fav. Athletes: John Cena
Fav. Food: Grilled Chicken Tandoori
Alias: Ms. Kauser



You can see him doing a tiktok in JG cafe and of course giving you the best coffee. a man with a happy heart and speed service.

Fav. Athletes: Michael Jordan
Fav. Food: pasta
Alias: Mr. Gil

Why counting on us?

We are the #1 Edutainment fitness program to offer a unique blend of classes and activities for kids and families.

Parents trust us

The classes provided by Jungle Gymsters are useful not only for children, but for the family as whole! as the presence of parents with their children during these classes strengthens the relationship between them.

Not only that, parents discover new and unique features of their children here at Jungle Gymsters.

THE MALL, Jumeirah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 258 2820

Email: [email protected]